Award List! (FANCY NEW PAGE!)

Ever wondered what the Bergental awards are? Want to know how to get them? So do I! I digress a tad, but I would love for somebody to give me a quick description of what each award is and what is required to earn it. Send those descriptions to I will update the site once I have them.

The website now has a list of those awards and who has earned what. AWARDS!

Head to the above link to take a look at them. The interface allows you to search your name by typing it in on the “search” bar on the right. It will only show SCA names and for policy reasons, mundane names are not allowed. Click the drop down box in the middle to lengthen the amount of entries shown on the screen at once. If you select “100”, it will show them all, because at this point, we have less than 100 residents with awards. I set it to “10” as default for help with mobile access– let me know how you like this by emailing me or using the contact form. You can ignore the “column visibility” section, but the buttons next to it allow you to export and download the list in the respective formats: csv, excel, or pdf. “Copy” copies it, which you can then paste onto Excel or another program, while “print” sets it up to print.

All thanks to Akamatsu Katsumoto for compiling this list. It looks amazing and it has been a grand undertaking! Any award updates should go to him at

(For what ever reason, it has me, Ikeda, signed in as Perronnelle. I apologize for the confusion that this likely will not cause.)

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