New Events Page!

The old events page was a pain to update and keep looking good. I have instead decided to adopt a “calendar” theme. In other words, the old Google calendar (which is not supposed to be used anymore anyway) has been changed to a WordPress based plugin.

On every page, there will be widget that shows the next 3 events in agenda view — these events include events as well as meetings/practices.

However, on the “Events” page, it will be a calendar in monthly view. (Please be aware that I have it set up to be Agenda view in Mobile).

Hover over the event for more details. Click it for all details.

Events are listed below in RED. You can reduce the selection to Events Only or Meetings/Practices Only by clicking “categories” and selecting only the ones that appeal to you. Click on the event or meeting/practice in order to bring up the information page. Meetings/Practices that occur monthly/weekly are in PURPLE.

I also added each Event to the drop down box in the Events menu. Not sure if I will keep up with this, but I’ll try.

Please be aware that the plug in automatically published some of them with today as the date. Ignore that while I get around to editing it appropriately.

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