Bergental Baronial Champions Weekend

Bergental Baronial Champions Weekend
September 23-24, Barony of Bergental (Feeding Hills, MA)


Greetings unto our populace and friends! Their Excellencies invite you to join us in celebrating the great Barony of Bergental.


Come, those who stand in defense of our Barony’s honor. Come show your prowess in both Rapier and Rattan! Prove your chivalry, your artistry and your might on the list field. Then, on the 24th, all ARCHERS and those who THROW WEAPONS will have their chance to become Champions of Bergental at the home of Their Excellencies, Emma and Rob, in Montgomery, MA.!


Come, those who shine brightest beneath Bergental’s light! Your Barony asks you to bring your art, bring your research, bring your science, and shine. This year’s Luminary will be chosen among the stars of our populace, each bringing proof to our eyes of the skill of their hands and the journey the arts and sciences have brought to the individual. We shine most in the growth our path brings, and that is the focus of this year’s Luminary tour. It is our hope to choose from among our populace a new Luminary champion of the Arts and Sciences, who will showcase not only skill in their chosen field, but also how pursuing this project has helped the light within them blaze and grow!
Participants are asked to provide a written process, the more involved in the step by step decisions, the better. Each participant may provide photographs of the creation process, research, failures, and decision points along the journey, showing the way they have grown in the project. Also displayed is the project as it stands now, completed or not as it is at the time of the Champion’s event.
For additional information please contact Lady Cecelie Vogelgesangkin at
Come, see why Bergental is know far and wide for our food and hospitality! Our fabulous Lady Eithne inghean Mael Duin will prepare a wonderful, portable, dayboard so no one must miss the exciting feats of prowess on the field and the art on exhibit in the hall. Reservations are strongly recommended because only a fixed number of lunches will be prepared. Please contact Lady Eithne with dietary restrictions.
Watch this space for more information to follow.
As stated above, the 24th has been added to our event to invite more potential champions. HOWEVER, the 2nd day is at a DIFFERENT location! Please join us at 131 Carrington Rd in Montgomery, Mass.
This half of the event will be donation only and the lunch is potluck. (Bring whatever your favorite side dish is or perhaps something to be thrown on the Barbeque) The hours will be the same with an open shoot until the afternoon.


Take your best route to Interstate 91 in Massachusetts and take exit 3 for Rte 57 West. When the freeway ends, follow signs to continue on Rte 57 west. The Polish American Club is easy to find and centrally located approx 7 miles west of Springfield on Rte 57 in Feeding Hills MA.


For the second day, take the Mass pike to exit 3. Turn right off the exit, go through town and turn right again onto Route 20. (Hard to see the sign, but it’s at the CVS) Continue on 20 until you come to the Russell township. Turn right on Main Street (just after the Russell Inn) and continue SLOWLY through “downtown” Russell. As soon as you cross over a bridge and veer left, you will be on Carrington Road. Continue for about 3 miles and look for SCA signs on your right.
Site Address:
Polish American Club of Agawam
139 Southwick St.
Feeding Hills, MA 01030
Site may not be accessible.
Site Opens : 9am
Site Closes: 9pm
Registration Fees:
Adults: $12 – $7 with member discount
Children age 7-17: $4
Children 6 and under: free

Event on the 24th is donation only. Discounts do not apply.


Feast Fees:
Bag lunches sold separately – cost $3 each
Reservations before 9/15 strongly recommended – only a limited number of meals will be made

No Feast


Potluck lunch for the 24th. Barbeque will be available.
Make Checks payable to: SCA, MA, Barony of Bergental
Send Reservations to:
Lady Emele Schuolerine
C/O Clarissa Adan
21 Forest St
Erving, MA 01344
Autocrat contact info:
Lady Emele Schuolerine
MKA Clarissa Adan
21 Forest St
Erving, MA 01344
413-320-9146 – before 9pm please – please put Bergental Champions in the subject line
Additional contact info:
Lady Eithne inghean Mael Duin (Erin Nolin)
Call/text 860-324-3778
Luminary Competition:
Lady Cecelie Vogelgesangkin
MKA Abbie Smith

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