Forum Issues

A while back, I disabled a plug in that tried to discern bots and real people in the Forums.  The issue before was that many people couldn’t log in, which seemed like a browser based issue.  In order to fix this, I had to disable the antii-spam no more captcha plug in.


Well, anybody who has logged into the Forum lately knows that there is an IMPRESSIVE amount of spam accounts and posts.


Apparently, so much so that the EK servers went down a few times in the last few weeks because of our website alone!


So, what did I do to fix the issue?  I installed a new plug-in for spam, which specifically helps with BBPress, which runs the Forums.  Second, I installed a math captcha, so this will force you to do a simple mathematical problem before signing in, posting, etc.  Most bots cannot bypass those captchas, so this alone should solve the issue.


That said, there were 10,000s of spam topics.  So, I deleted each Forum and made new ones.  Your account should still work. Any issues you do notice, please report to me at

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