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Award List! (FANCY NEW PAGE!)

Ever wondered what the Bergental awards are? Want to know how to get them? So do I! I digress a tad, but I would love for somebody to give me a quick description of what each award is and what is required to earn it. Send those descriptions to I will update the site once I have them.

The website now has a list of those awards and who has earned what. AWARDS!

Head to the above link to take a look at them. The interface allows you to search your name by typing it in on the “search” bar on the right. It will only show SCA names and for policy reasons, mundane names are not allowed. Click the drop down box in the middle to lengthen the amount of entries shown on the screen at once. If you select “100”, it will show them all, because at this point, we have less than 100 residents with awards. I set it to “10” as default for help with mobile access– let me know how you like this by emailing me or using the contact form. You can ignore the “column visibility” section, but the buttons next to it allow you to export and download the list in the respective formats: csv, excel, or pdf. “Copy” copies it, which you can then paste onto Excel or another program, while “print” sets it up to print.

All thanks to Akamatsu Katsumoto for compiling this list. It looks amazing and it has been a grand undertaking! Any award updates should go to him at

(For what ever reason, it has me, Ikeda, signed in as Perronnelle. I apologize for the confusion that this likely will not cause.)

Final Novice Schola Schedule and Class List

2017 Class List2017 Schedule

Hopefully, that’s all set now. Peruse, plan, and enjoy!

Novice Schola Set up and Clean up

Greetings unto the noble populace of Bergental!

The Novice Schola is less than a week away! I would like to ask for your help in setting up the event site and cleaning up when we are done. We have a few people interested but I think thus far my posts have been buried in mail and posts. Please, if you would like to help set up or clean up, contact me at perrodecroy “at” I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Madame Perronnelle de Croy

Novice Schola class list and schedule updated!

2017 Class List2017 Schedule

Check them out above! You can also view more details here:

Novice Schola class list and schedule added!

2017 Schedule2017 Class List

Check out the site for any updated information!

Site Updates

Greetings unto the fair populace of Bergental!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have taken the time to address a few back end issues (spam account registrations and a few updates) please contact me or Lord Ikeda if there are any issues or difficulties.

In addition the Novice Schola page has been updated to reflect this year’s event details. More information will be posted as the event approaches so please keep an eye out for those details soon!


Madame Perronnelle de Croy

New Website and Mailing List

Greetings unto the fair populace of Bergental!

For those that do not know me I am Madame Perronnelle de Croy, the Shire of Quintavia’s webminister and a Webminister-at-large (read: general dogsbody). For the past week or so I have been assisting the Barony’s web team tin transitioning the Baronial website to wordpress and do a number of updates. The site is now up and running at the same address: with a new look and new pages coming forthwith.

I would like to ask if anyone has past editions of the Berserker hanging around that they could email me so that they can be added to the site. I will also be creating a photo gallery. If you would like to have your photos included please be sure to fill out the photo release form and email that to me with links to your own galleries or images.

There will be another change coming, though if all goes as planned, it will hardly affect you. We will be moving away from yahoo groups to a mailing list on the EK server. You will still have access to the archives and, if that doesn’t suit, in time there will be a yahoo group type forum hosted on the Bergental site, with email notices, just like Yahoo.

When the time comes, you will receive a subscription notice to It will not be a fluke and shortly thereafter file migration from yahoo groups to our server will have begun. This is all in keeping with the East Kingdom Webministry’s move to get away from third-party providers like Yahoo groups. I will publish additional news on the blog on the website as I get it.

There are also a few new features to the Baronial website! A google calendar is on the front page announcing events, practices, & meetings. To add events contact your webminister, Baronness Emma, or Lady Bianca. In addition there is also a Facebook thing and a set of links for newcomers. I will be adding a mailing list sign up there on the front page as well.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! —

Madame Perronnelle de Croy
EKOFFICERS_webminister_colorShire of Quintavia
Web Minister

New Website on its Way!

Greetings! New Website News!

Come and take a look the new website is beginning to take shape!new ladies construction

Right now there are only  a few pages with the bare necessities but soon you will have access to a fully functional and (hopefully) mobile device-friendly website. Please pardon the dust and debris from the ongoing construction as we make more improvements. Forthcoming pages will hopefully include an up-to-date picture gallery, and baronial documents archive.

For now – All practices, meetings, and events  are listed on our Facebook Page!


-Madame Perronnelle de Croy

**IMPORTANT** – Officer Email Change

EKOFFICERS_webminister_color** IMPORTANT!! **

There has been a few important and awesome changes made to the officer email system! Some of the changes rolled out a while ago but some are very new. For more information on IMAP follow the link! 

  • Change Password – Users can now change the password from within the mailbox without requesting assistance from the Webminister.
  • IMAP Access – A very heavily requested option is now openly available to all Officers. Please follow the steps provided here for reference:
  • New Message Notification – Notification from the Server is available. You must have the mailbox open in a tab in a browser to get the notifications. Configuration is found under Settings.
  • Filter Messages into Folders – Newly added to the server, you are able to do so under Settings.
    Mark As Junk – There is a button on the main task list available to have emails marked as SPAM and moved to the Junk folder.