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Novice Schola added!

3/24/18.  Add this to your calendars.  There is still a lot more to do in regards to the event, such as getting the classes together and teachers, as well as other such helpers.  Please check back periodically as we gather that information.

Head here for the events page:

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact anyone listed on the events notice.

Bergental’s New Mailing List!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been struggling rather hard in
adhering to East Kingdom policy and moving away from third party
sources. While I know it’s been met with grisly hatred and Viking
battles to the death, it is, alas, fate.

As the webminister, I have added a Forum for discussions, but I also
needed to create a mailing list. This Yahoo Group is not official and
not recognized by the East Kingdom, and they have provided the means to
make a mailing group.

For this reason, some of you may have gotten emails about being signed
up for the new mailing list. I transferred the list of members from this
group to that one— painstakingly copy and pasting each one, one by
one, for the many hundreds of members. (Then, just before I was about
to save the changes, my browser almost crashed. I almost wrestled a
yeti in despair.)

I have not completed the mailing list yet, and I do not have most of the
details yet. I am working with Perronelle to fix some issues.

You can head here:
to sign up if not already signed up and view the basic information about
it. The “archives” are, which
currently only has one person who has tested it out.

Using the mailing list is really easy. Use your normal email account,
Yahoo or whatever, and send an email to You can save it as a
Contact to make it easier. I already made accounts for the officers of
Bergental, even though many of them still haven’t gotten their accounts
set up yet (such as the Seneschal and the Valley Pursuivant, and others.
You guys probably have a lot of unread emails waiting for you there…
send me an email at to set one up
if you haven’t yet.

I will update everyone on the status and ins and outs of the mailing
list aside from what I’ve explained here as soon as I can.

Sommer Draw has been cancelled!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Sommer Draw has been cancelled.  While I am unsure of any of the details, I do hope that you can try and enjoy some of the other events around the East Kingdom up until the next Bergental event.


You can always discuss and ask about it on our message boards.

Award List! (FANCY NEW PAGE!)

Ever wondered what the Bergental awards are? Want to know how to get them? So do I! I digress a tad, but I would love for somebody to give me a quick description of what each award is and what is required to earn it. Send those descriptions to I will update the site once I have them.

The website now has a list of those awards and who has earned what. AWARDS!

Head to the above link to take a look at them. The interface allows you to search your name by typing it in on the “search” bar on the right. It will only show SCA names and for policy reasons, mundane names are not allowed. Click the drop down box in the middle to lengthen the amount of entries shown on the screen at once. If you select “100”, it will show them all, because at this point, we have less than 100 residents with awards. I set it to “10” as default for help with mobile access– let me know how you like this by emailing me or using the contact form. You can ignore the “column visibility” section, but the buttons next to it allow you to export and download the list in the respective formats: csv, excel, or pdf. “Copy” copies it, which you can then paste onto Excel or another program, while “print” sets it up to print.

All thanks to Akamatsu Katsumoto for compiling this list. It looks amazing and it has been a grand undertaking! Any award updates should go to him at

(For what ever reason, it has me, Ikeda, signed in as Perronnelle. I apologize for the confusion that this likely will not cause.)

Novice Schola 2017 pictures added!

They have been added here and you can talk about the photos in our Forum, here.  Any other questions or comments can be made on the Forum, or sent to Photos courtesy of Rosalie Kubik Ferris.  If you have any photos you’d like to add, you can send them to me at the following email address (

I hope you all enjoyed Novice Schola!

The event drew to a close today, after much fun and hopefully much learning. Feast was excellent, and court was grand (or so I hear, I was unable to attend court).

I would recommend taking a look over at the Forum, talk about the good times. Tell us about your favorite class, or which class you learned the most from. We’d love to hear about it!

If any teachers wish to send me any pamphlets on their classes, please feel free to send them. I can add them to the How-To/Walkthrough section of the site.

Final Novice Schola Schedule and Class List

2017 Class List2017 Schedule

Hopefully, that’s all set now. Peruse, plan, and enjoy!

Novice Schola class list and schedule updated!

2017 Class List2017 Schedule

Check them out above! You can also view more details here:

Novice Schola class list and schedule added!

2017 Schedule2017 Class List

Check out the site for any updated information!

Novice Schola added!

The event has been added to the event page. Details are still being worked out, but please remember to register for feast, merchanting, volunteering, all that fun stuff. Contact information is up.

You can talk about it more and ask question on the Forum at the Events section (such as this link).

Otherwise, we’re obviously waiting (likely for a month or two) for the first drafts of class listing and the over all schedule. Check back periodically for more information.