Pennsic Pity Party

August 5, 2017 @ 13:00 – August 6, 2017 @ 20:00
Rob And Emma's
131 Carrington Rd
Montgomery, MA
Rob and Emma
Attention all who will guard our lands while others are away at Pennsic,
Baron Rob and myself, Baroness Emma, would like all who remain behind to come have fun with us, on our vast tracks of land, August 5th AND 6th!
There is room for heavy list fighting, archery, thrown weapons, any other activity that floats your boat, and….. CAMPING!! We will supply the land, the archery equipment, the grill, the fire pit (and charcoal), a beautiful view, POSSIBLY a pool, the night time frog choir, and plenty of bug life!  We ask that you bring other equipment that you want to play with (and post that you have such things), bring your own food and drink OR get together and plan for sharing (we will be gone on a trip until a few days before so please handle it), and, please please, bring a donation for a portacastle.  Also, if camping sounds like a fun idea, please let us know you are coming for overnight. You are also welcome to leave one day and come back the next.
So, we will start on Saturday at 1:00PM and kick you out on Sunday dusk. Whatever items you bring need to go home with you, too. (This is our private home and we pay for every bag of garbage!) Children and pets are allowed on a leash with 100% clean up. (I’ll let you sort that one out.) If the pool is ready…. IF…. no unattended children will use it, please!
We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful property and having fun with our friends!
Please, again, let us know if you want to camp and/or would be willing to coordinate a potluck. (We will provide some sort of sausage-like meat and drinking water.)
Yours In Service,
Rob and Emma

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