First Week Food Planning

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    So last year a few of us tried to help out our setup crew by premaking some meals for supper. The group is usually 6-8 people and simple, simmer in a bag, meals that require little prep are really appreciated. I’ve put down what worked best and what we learned for last year below. Keep in mind these people work all day to ready camp and are all “out of spoons” and super tired at the end of the day. On your “zombie” type days how much effort do you want to put in?

    In addition, if you would like to contribute but don’t want to cook a full meal, please consider purchasing snack foods or maybe baking some cookies! Please sign up using the link below!

    Lessons learned from last year:

    1. Side dishes that require additional prep most likely won’t get used.
    2. Boil in a bag meals are the best provided that things that have more liquid in them be pre-frozen first and then placed into the bags to ensure that liquids don’t get into the seal and cause it to fail while reheating.
    3. Avoid pasta dishes that require additional pot for cooking pasta (minimal supplies as setup happens)
    4. Snacks are appreciated!

    If you would like to participate and help feed our 1st week crew or have questions please let me know at


    • pulled pork sandwhiches and chips (boil in bag reheat with sub rolls)
    • chili or stew
    • black beans and rice (precooked rice and beans frozen separately and then vacuum packed)

    TO SIGN UP PLEASE GO HERE: 1st wk spreadsheet


    Bianca di Alessandro
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    Yes, I will definitely echo the gratitude we felt at having food just…there at the end of the day. Grab-and-go stuff for lunch/snacks is also helpful. Personally not a peanut/peanut-butter fan, but trail mixes/bars/other items with tree nuts and such are good energy snacks, I find (and there can be peanut stuff, too, just make sure they don’t have to listen to me whine about how I can’t eat anything, it’s all peanuts!)

    One suggestion I might make, just to add to the “first things off the truck section”, would be one or two of those multi-gallon water containers, the disposable ones with a built-in spigot? I hope I’m making sense. Anyway, I always bring one, so there’s water on site from the start, but it goes fast. A second one would probably hold us over until someone can make a store run.

    Thank you again for being willing to chip in this way, it made a huge difference, for me, at least.


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