June 2017 Meeting Notes

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    Planning Meeting Notes:

    Currently 2/3rds full with Siobahn and Aethelhawk taking an additional 100+ cu ft.
    At this point renting the truck is happening.
    Going with Penske
    Budget won’t take cash and no guarantee of same truck being available for return trip.
    Truck Pack: Thursday 27th at 4 pm at Erin and Andy’s house.


    36 people incl. 1 ghost. – Budget is good and we potentially have a little wiggle room.

    Food Plan:

    If someone is partaking in at least one dinner – than must have one dinner chore.
    Options for food shopping:
    Car caravan – ask Kasimir and Urtatim if we can borrow their cars to do all shopping there.
    Use Penske truck to do dry goods shopping and only use cars for cold foods.
    Do dry goods shopping here and pack them into truck. (limited truck space and would likely have to use additional containers to put food in.


    Eli will call 2 weeks ahead to let them know that we will be placing an order for 30 jugs for the first order.

    Kitchen Layout:

    last year’s layout seems to have worked well so we’re going to keep it.

    Bump out is nice but we have an additional carport that might be put to better use putting it next to the kitchen and being able to store other items in there – like a water jug rack?

    First Aid kit:

    Pagan will ensure that it’s all put together.

    Emergency information will be in a holder of some variety with emergency contacts listed on the outside of an envelope containing each family’s medicals inside, sealed with a sticker to ensure privacy is maintained. Binder/holder will be placed someplace that is common knowledge just in case.


    Proposed meeting to be held first Sunday of war week to inform camp of necessary information: cooler situation, chores, location of emergency information, and first aid kit.

    Madame Perronnelle de Croy

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