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    Ikeda Yasu
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    I’ve been looking into some period archery and I settled myself in to a nice new bow– the bow is based off of Three Kingdoms era China, so the bow’s model is not period… however, the style of Chinese shooting I’ve been attempting to learn is.

    The dude is not me. While there are some more youtube videos out there, there is a good book on the subject. (The Way of Archery).

    The book assums you’re likely shooting a 100+ lbs bow, though it does give tips for lighter bows.

    What resources are there for older Asian and European archery styles? Do you base your shooting off of any particular antiquated style?

    Here are some pictures of the old and my first attempt at shooting:

    Side/back view:

    Side view –

    Now, as for shooting stance. According to the book I’ve read and some videos, the stance varies, but it is more front facing. I over-did it in my pictures, and I need to figure out the correct angle over more practice. One of the stances tends to be more weight-over the front foot. I tried to mimic that one.

    These are all different arrows. My knocking point is too high. I need to be UNDER the ear, more like on my cheek. However, I was defaulting to my Mediterranean style archery and my knocking point is the back of my ear.

    In this one, I did not draw back far enough, which is unusual. Even though the lbs per pull is a fairly typical 45, it’s based off of the typical 28″ draw that westerners use as default. For Asian style archery, you draw back to usually 32″, which means the lbs you’re pulling is much greater.

    I am using a “novice” thumb ring for the Chinese archery. The draw is only with the thumb, like Japanese kyudo, but you brace with the index finger. That’s why when I cant the bow, the arrow, being on the bottom of the cant, doesn’t fall off.

    In contrast, here’s me shooting my yumi.

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