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    Ikeda Yasu
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    “We have a few events coming up and I think our Champions would love to see their names on scrolls when all is said and done. We are thinking king of I trouncing a simple please design that could be done by volunteers with a variety of scribal experience.

    Therefore, I will be attending fighter practice over the next two weeks with the necessary materials for anyone willing to help. If you can hold a paint brush, I’m sure you can help!

    Please come help us! I’m sure your future Champions would appreciate your budding talent!

    Yours In Service,

    Baroness Emma ”

    Also, could you add our Baronial Archery and Thrown Weapons Championship to the calendar for the 24th? The event will take place with the same times as the Rattan and fencing Champs the day before, but will take place at our house at 131 Carrington Rd, Montgomery, Ma.
    Lunch is potluck and it’s a donation event (for the cost of the porta-castle)

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

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