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Bergental’s New Mailing List!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been struggling rather hard in
adhering to East Kingdom policy and moving away from third party
sources. While I know it’s been met with grisly hatred and Viking
battles to the death, it is, alas, fate.

As the webminister, I have added a Forum for discussions, but I also
needed to create a mailing list. This Yahoo Group is not official and
not recognized by the East Kingdom, and they have provided the means to
make a mailing group.

For this reason, some of you may have gotten emails about being signed
up for the new mailing list. I transferred the list of members from this
group to that one— painstakingly copy and pasting each one, one by
one, for the many hundreds of members. (Then, just before I was about
to save the changes, my browser almost crashed. I almost wrestled a
yeti in despair.)

I have not completed the mailing list yet, and I do not have most of the
details yet. I am working with Perronelle to fix some issues.

You can head here:
to sign up if not already signed up and view the basic information about
it. The “archives” are
http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/pipermail/baronyofbergental/, which
currently only has one person who has tested it out.

Using the mailing list is really easy. Use your normal email account,
Yahoo or whatever, and send an email to
baronyofbergental@bergental.eastkingdom.org. You can save it as a
Contact to make it easier. I already made accounts for the officers of
Bergental, even though many of them still haven’t gotten their accounts
set up yet (such as the Seneschal and the Valley Pursuivant, and others.
You guys probably have a lot of unread emails waiting for you there…
send me an email at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org to set one up
if you haven’t yet.

I will update everyone on the status and ins and outs of the mailing
list aside from what I’ve explained here as soon as I can.

Bergental Officers, East Kingdom Email Tutorial!

For those of you who happen to be officers, lesser, future, or soon-to-be, this is a tutorial on how to use our email server.  As we are not supposed to use mundane email addresses for SCA-related emails, the East Kingdom team put together, after much work, this system.

I have outlined the most important aspects of the email system in the tutorial.




Please use this Tutorial and let me know if there are any mistakes, or suggestions by emailing me at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org.

You can find the Tutorial above at the following link (at the bottom of the page) next to the Forum/Message Board Tutorial: www.bergental.eastkingdom.org/walkthroughs.