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Forum Issues

A while back, I disabled a plug in that tried to discern bots and real people in the Forums.  The issue before was that many people couldn’t log in, which seemed like a browser based issue.  In order to fix this, I had to disable the antii-spam no more captcha plug in.


Well, anybody who has logged into the Forum lately knows that there is an IMPRESSIVE amount of spam accounts and posts.


Apparently, so much so that the EK servers went down a few times in the last few weeks because of our website alone!


So, what did I do to fix the issue?  I installed a new plug-in for spam, which specifically helps with BBPress, which runs the Forums.  Second, I installed a math captcha, so this will force you to do a simple mathematical problem before signing in, posting, etc.  Most bots cannot bypass those captchas, so this alone should solve the issue.


That said, there were 10,000s of spam topics.  So, I deleted each Forum and made new ones.  Your account should still work. Any issues you do notice, please report to me at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org.

Yule is right around the corner!

Trust me, Yule love it!  12/2/17, only a week away!


Check out the events page for more details.

Bergental Archery and Thrown Weapons Championship!

Join Baron Rob and Baroness Emma at their home for the baronial thrown weapons and archery championships! Lunch will be potluck. No charge for the event, but donations strongly encouraged!


Head here for more details for time, lunch, donations, and contact info!

Bergental’s New Mailing List!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been struggling rather hard in
adhering to East Kingdom policy and moving away from third party
sources. While I know it’s been met with grisly hatred and Viking
battles to the death, it is, alas, fate.

As the webminister, I have added a Forum for discussions, but I also
needed to create a mailing list. This Yahoo Group is not official and
not recognized by the East Kingdom, and they have provided the means to
make a mailing group.

For this reason, some of you may have gotten emails about being signed
up for the new mailing list. I transferred the list of members from this
group to that one— painstakingly copy and pasting each one, one by
one, for the many hundreds of members. (Then, just before I was about
to save the changes, my browser almost crashed. I almost wrestled a
yeti in despair.)

I have not completed the mailing list yet, and I do not have most of the
details yet. I am working with Perronelle to fix some issues.

You can head here:
to sign up if not already signed up and view the basic information about
it. The “archives” are
http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/pipermail/baronyofbergental/, which
currently only has one person who has tested it out.

Using the mailing list is really easy. Use your normal email account,
Yahoo or whatever, and send an email to
baronyofbergental@bergental.eastkingdom.org. You can save it as a
Contact to make it easier. I already made accounts for the officers of
Bergental, even though many of them still haven’t gotten their accounts
set up yet (such as the Seneschal and the Valley Pursuivant, and others.
You guys probably have a lot of unread emails waiting for you there…
send me an email at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org to set one up
if you haven’t yet.

I will update everyone on the status and ins and outs of the mailing
list aside from what I’ve explained here as soon as I can.

Forum for Fighter Practice!

In keeping with the rules of the East Kingdom, we are to move away from 3rd party devices for communication. This includes Facebook, and Yahoo. So, that’s why I created a Forum specifically for Bergental, and a thread specifically for Bergental’s weekly fighter practice. You can go there to talk about times, dates, who’s coming, who’s staying behind, you know, the stuff you normally post on the Facebook group.

Weekly Fighter Practice

Go to the link above to view the beautiful Forum.

If you need help signing up or using it, I spent a lot of time making this Tutorial: http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/ForumTutorial.pdf

Any questions? Email me at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org.

Are you ready for Sommer Draw?

Howdy!  Sommer Draw is approaching on the 17th to the 19th– make sure you’re ready for it!  Check at our Events page to see if you’re missing anything.

There has been a some of discussion about Sommer Draw at our Forum, see the link below.  You can also create your own topic about the events here.

If you have any questions about the event, you can ask them on this page in the forum.  Suggestions, questions, comments, general excitement?  I hope to see you there!


If you’re not sure how to use the Forum, please take a look at this tutorial: http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/ForumTutorial.pdf

Bergental Officers, East Kingdom Email Tutorial!

For those of you who happen to be officers, lesser, future, or soon-to-be, this is a tutorial on how to use our email server.  As we are not supposed to use mundane email addresses for SCA-related emails, the East Kingdom team put together, after much work, this system.

I have outlined the most important aspects of the email system in the tutorial.




Please use this Tutorial and let me know if there are any mistakes, or suggestions by emailing me at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org.

You can find the Tutorial above at the following link (at the bottom of the page) next to the Forum/Message Board Tutorial: www.bergental.eastkingdom.org/walkthroughs.

How-To/Walkthrough page added!

Ever wonder how to make a chemise or a tunic?  Ever wonder about the inner makings of persona, or court?  Well, I’m hoping to have a whole lot more.

This is a call for authors who have written about something– making garb, illumination, blacksmithing, metalwork, equestrian, ANYTHING– if you have written something about how to make something, I would love to publish it on the Bergental website!

First, head to the new page How-to/Walkthrough and check out the articles already up (thank you so much to the authors who already submitted).  Even if you have written an article about the same exact thing, I would love it on the site.  Contact me at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org to email me an article you wrote.

Do you have a request for a how-to on something you’d like made?  Email me above, or head over to the Bergental message baords!


Please do me a favor and if you have any friends who are really awesome at making something, I’d like to know!  Send them to this post, give them my email, send them to the Facebook post– tag them– and let’s see Bergental grow!

Have you visited the message boards yet?

The Barony of Bergental’s Forum/Message Board is waiting for strong warriors, beautiful seamstresses, princes, kings, princesses, dukes, and your run o’ the mill noble.


The forum now has a ranking system.  Just by posting around the boards, you can earn points– these points automatically upgrade you from a n00b to a Prince, and more.  The more you post, the higher your rank.  The higher your rank, the higher your contribution to the Barony of Bergental and its over all success.


Fighters, have you seen this post?  http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/forums/topic/european-knight-mma-is-actually-a-thing/


Tell us about your persona here: http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/forums/topic/what-is-your-persona-tell-me-about-it/


Blacksmiths, metalworkers, have you seen this video?  http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/forums/topic/amazing-metalwork-seriously-wow/


What do you do for work at your mundane job?  http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/forums/topic/whats-everybody-do-for-work/


Who are you and where do you live?  http://bergental.eastkingdom.org/forums/topic/roll-call/


Sign up for the forum using the upper right of the screen– click “Register” and follow the instructions on the email.  Sign in, and that’s all you need to do in order to post on the message board.  Already have an account?  Head to any of the topics and start posting!  Any questions, email me at webminister@bergental.eastkingdom.org.  Thanks!

Bergental now has Message Boards!

cropped-Bergental.pngThis has been a while in the making and it really needs people to spread the word to become successful.  The more people know about it, the more people who can learn about the SCA, and the better of we’ll all be!

So far, it’s new (and shiny!) but mostly new, and in order to polish it up, we need an active user base!  The forums, once active, can easily replace Facebook, Yahoo groups, and the like– everything you need will be right on the site.  It’s user friendly.  It’s mobile friendly.

How do you get started?

Please create an account by looking at the top right of this page— make a user name, enter in your email address, and it’ll mail you your password.  Sign in with the password and you can change the password to whatever you like.  Use the forum to ask any questions about the SCA, about projects, persona, the website, etc.  Head there and introduce yourself!

I want it to be a place where novices can go and learn, where veterans can go and learn and share knowledge.  Message boards are a great resource for all people, and its success with directly link with more success for the Barony of Bergental.