Greetings! Welcome to the web home of the Barony of Bergental! Check on the Events page for any changes for future events!

Update (as of August 27, 2019) This website is currently under construction.

Bergental has a new mailing list!  While I work out the kinks, please head here to sign up.

The Barony of Bergental is a group within the Society for Creative Anachronisms .  Bergental is under the East Kingdom.  We are based primarily in Western Massachusetts, Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, and Berkshire counties.  Bergental has been a Barony since 1991.

If you are a newcomer and know little about the SCA or Bergental, please check the right side of this page for the Newcomer’s Portal.  You can see more about what we do through the pictures at the top and see the officers who help the barony run.  Please also check out the local Events listed above to get involved and check us out!

Please feel free to visit or contact us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bergental/

We look forward to seeing you!