Our Officers

Our Baron

The Baron is the inspirational leader of the Barony. Formally, the Baron is the local representative of the Crown of the East: whatsoever is decreed by Their Majesties is carried through by the Baron. It is his duty to support and acknowledge the gracious people and their wonderful deeds throughout the Barony in service to the East Kingdom.


Deputy Seneschal

The Seneschal is the Society equivalent of a chief operating officer. It is their responsibility to coordinate and run the monthly business meetings, administer corporate policies, and oversee the activities of all of the other officers in the Barony. Seneschals also may vote in a regularly held law-making session called Curia and serve for a total of four consecutive years, as in two terms of two years.

Valley Pursuivant

The Pursuivant, also known as a Herald, acts as advisor in heraldic matters to the Baron and subjects of the Barony. They also supervise Field Heraldry and Court Heraldry at events, Baronial activities for the College of Arms and ensure that the Order of Precedence is made available.

Knight Marshall

Deputy Knight Marshal


The Knight Marshal is in charge of coordinating all martial (“combat”) activities for the Barony, including heavy weapons, fencing, archery, thrown weapons and youth combat. They schedule and runs weekly practices, and regular regional practices; works with event stewards and the Minister of the Lists to support martial activities at local events; and reports directly to the East Kingdom Earl Marshal.

Marshal of Fence

Captain of Archers

Bartholomew Sharpe

Marshal of Thrown Weapons

Þórormr Barnakarl

of the Exchequer

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the treasurer for the Barony. He is responsible for all financial disbursements and record-keeping, timely reports to kingdom level officers, and monitoring cash and tangible assets. The exchequer and his deputy attend the monthly business meetings and serve on the Financial Committee for the Barony. The Chancellor handles event reporting to the kingdom and Exchequer oversight is required for all events.


A Chamberlain is in charge of inventorying and maintaining the regalia of the Barony, often a deputy of the Exchequer’s office.


Reporting Secretary

Mistress Barbeta Kyrkeland

The Chronicler publishes newsletters to share news of local events, business meetings, and other happenings of interest to the populace they serve. Newsletters can educate and entertain with original works such as book reviews, poetry, short fiction, articles and art, and should show the Society in a positive light. In publishing newsletters, chroniclers record the rich history and diverse works of their groups.

Minister of
Arts & Sciences

The Minister of Arts & Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of medieval period culture and technology and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances. The MoAS coordinates displays and contests of period skills at local events and reports to kingdom level officers on the A & S activities within the Barony.

Minister of
the Lists

The Minister of the Lists, maintains accurate records on the fighting activities and the fighters of the Barony, coordinates the Crown Lists, and works with the Knight Marshal and the Marshal of Fence to maintain a list of authorized fighters.


Deputy Chatelaine

The Chatelaine is the officer who helps newcomers get started on their journey into the Society, as well as for public demonstrations of what we offer.


Deputy Webminister & Historian

The Webminister manages the official website for Bergental. They work with the East Kingdom’s webministers to make sure that Bergental’s webisite is in compliance with the East Kingdom web standards and the SCA social media policies. They manage the email accounts for the baronial officers. They work with the Historian to ensure historical documents and images from the baronial history are preserved for future generations.