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Our Officers

Deputy Seneschal

Emma Makilmone

Valley Pursuivant

Mistress Pagan Graeme

Knight Marshall


Marshall of Fence

Akamatsu Katsumoto-dono

Captain of Archers

Bartholomew Sharpe

Deputy Knight Marshall


Marshall of Thrown Weapons

Þórormr Barnakarl

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Baron Robert dwe Makminne

Deputy Chancellor of the Exchequer

Þórormr Barnakarl


Lady Bronwyne of Wentworth

Reporting Secretary

Mistress Barbeta

Deputy Chronicler

Genevieve de Saint-Denis

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Eithne ingen Mael Duin

Minister of the Lists

Lady Akamatsu Tora


Alexandros of Megisti

Court Historian

Gonzalo Corneille

Deputy Webminister

Perronnelle du Croy