Events & Practices

Our business meeting is held online (Google Meet) on the first Monday of the month at 7 pm. You can find more details and the link in our Facebook Group.

Upcoming Events


Bergental and BBM Yule
SATURDAY, 2 December, 2023
514 Main Street
Dalton, MA  01226
Novice ScholaTBD Spring 2024
Sommer DrawTBD June 2024
Hastilude of the Autumnal Equinox
TBD Autumn 2024
Medieval Day at Ventfort HallTBD Autumn 2024
Ventfort Hall
Lenox MA
Fencing & Heavy Fighter Practice
Every Wednesday, 7-10 PM
Bethesda Lutheran Church,
455 Island Pond Rd, Springfield MA 01118
$5 donation encouraged.
Sunday Outdoor Practice
Fighting Fencing 1200-1400
Archery Thrown 1400-1800
40 Church St, Cheshire MA
Archery Weather Dependent
Fighting/Fencing Marshal Dependent
Baronial Election
The Barony is currently in the process of election new individuals to the coronets.